Bendis Unnecessarily Race-Bends Multiple Legion Team Members


It looks like Bendis’s career as an early precursor to what we often call SJWs has continued very noticeably at DC, where it appears he changed the skin color of Lightning Lad, and maybe even Bouncing Boy (though not in the picture I uploaded), all to suit the ongoing agenda of tinkering/tampering with established characters instead of introducing new ones. Inside Pulse first brought it up last month, although it appears DC may have tried, until recently, to keep it hidden, as in more recent coverscans, Bouncing Boy’s skin color may have been changed back to lighter complected. But is the inside of the book the same as the alternate cover on the outside? If the following pictures here from Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 say anything:



Lightning Lad, if not Bouncing Boy, has certainly been altered to black instead of white. They just keep doing these PC steps they’d already been doing for 15 years now, ever since Firestorm was changed to black, Atom to Asian, Blue Beetle to Latino and the Question from male to female. Always worth considering they started these race-swapping stunts long before Marvel actually did, instead of introducing new characters who represent their own agency.

Some “comeback” they had in store for the Legion alright. With Bendis writing, you can be sure it’s not going to have a real story to accompany the already PC-laden viewpoint anyway, and with DiDio still in charge of DC, that’s one more reason it’s best avoided and forgotten.

Avi Green

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