Batwoman’s High Heels are Problematic!

We live in a world that we can watch and read about characters doing the unbelievable everyday but where do we draw the line? High Heels of course!


Back when superheroes wore unrealistic costumes!


Haven’t you heard? The CW seems to find that high heels have become unrealistic, so of course Batwoman needs to remove those high heels. Since when is a comic book character realistic? Heroes dodge bullets, take hits that would kill a person, then get up dust themselves off and continue the fight. But beware comic fans, high heels is where these creators of the unbelievable MUST draw the line!


Is this another push by the SJW agenda or is this fashion choice really due to the needs of the program? What do you think? I’ll give you my full thoughts in the video below.


Batwoman's High Heels are Problematic!

Captain Frugal

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