Back From the Dead: Captain Kirk is No Emperor Palpatine

“Back off, J.J.!”


Read the following 2009 article from, and let me know if it reminds you of a returning Emperor Palpatine in any way.


Abrams: ‘Shatner’s Kirk is dead’

STAR TREK director J.J. ABRAMS has dismissed reports WILLIAM SHATNER will return to the franchise for the sequel of his new movie – because his Captain Kirk character is dead.

Despite protestations from Shatner himself and hardcore Trekkers, Abrams decided not to use the original Kirk in his new film, explaining it would have irked film fans who saw his character die.

Abrams says, “His character died in one of the (Star Trek) films and we wanted to be consistent.

“Everyone says – the Trek fans – if you’re gonna do a Trek film, you need to be consistent. He died.”


Consistency for Star Trek, but not for Star Wars.  Consistency for Captain Kirk, but not for Emperor Palpatine.




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