Avoiding the Male Gaze: Zemekis Says Disney Hates Jessica Rabbit

Disney now prefers females that want to be men.


We’ve read many times how Disney wanted to distance itself away from the iconic Slave Leia imagery because of concerns over the male gaze, and other such feminist nonsense. Of course the real reason is that very attractive women make militant feminists feel inadequate. Since they’re not the ones attracting the male gaze, they feel compelled to get rid of those who do.


This sentiment also apparently extends to Jessica Rabbit according to Robert Zemeckis who said in 2016:


“the current corporate Disney culture has no interest in Roger, and they certainly don’t like Jessica at all.”


Of course they don’t. The feminists in charge get steam coming out of their ears when guys look at cosplayers like this:




So you can look forward to Disney Princesses that look far more like this:


Wendy's - Soviet Fashion Show (1985, USA)



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