Chuck Wendig Doesn’t Think Fans Should Have a Voice

Star Wars novelist Chuck Wendig is becoming pretty well known for his lack of professionalism in public. In fact, Marvel Comics fired him over his inability to act respectfully and professionally towards consumers.

We live in an age where comic shops are closing almost daily, yet people like Chuck Wendig fail to understand that they are part of the problem. More and more of these comic book professionals are less concerned with making a profit than teaching you the things that they believe. What ever happened to entertaining people? Whatever happened to the rule of thumb “the customer is always right? Comic pros need to learn that everyone deserves to have a voice. Apparently, Chuck believes he is better than you and I, and he is either too ignorant to see it or too much or a narcissist to even care.

Is this the type of behavior that you want to see from comic book pros? Would you buy a product from a person that thinks you should not have an opinion? Do you have money to burn giving it to people who hate you?

Sound off in the comments below and meanwhile, check out my video where I go into this subject a bit further.

Shut Up Chuck Wendig I You Need To Listen To Customers (You Are Not Better Than The Customers)

Captain Frugal

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