Asian Male Problem: When Representation in Star Wars Goes Wrong

So by now most are familiar with how the male Asian character Nyx was replaced in the Clone Wars by Cowpie Girl and her sister.  Dave Filoni said that Season 7 was rewritten to be “better.”  Some still defend Filoni, though his agenda has now been laid bare.  How does this get any worse?



Well, turns out, Disney didn’t even have the courtesy to tell the voice actor who played Nyx Okami, Matt Yang King, that he was going to be replaced.  If King thinks that being an Asian American actor in Hollywood is emasculating, then how did he feel when he learned he was replaced by a teenage lesbian with a cow pie on her head?  Enquiring minds want to know.  Maybe Sam Witwer can explain these changes to him, and tell Matt how he ought to feel.


Here’s his Facebook post in which he expresses excitement at the prospect of returning for Season 7.


Matt feels strongly that representation matters.  Sure it does.  Just not for him.



People were congratulating him only a few days before the series was set to debut in mid February.




Lucasfilm Forgets To Tell Actor That Dave Filoni Gender Swapped His Character



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