Savage Dragon’s Issue #250 to Carry a Rather Mundane Cover


After 27 years, Erik Larsen and Image Comics will very soon proudly present another $10.00 milestone comic book. Savage Dragon is one of only two Image Comics titles that debuted during the company’s 1992 launch that continues to be published well into the late 2010’s, along with Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series, and its the only one of the two that for most of its run, has been written and drawn almost entirely by its creator (with the exception of one issue).


The character first appeared as Dragon in Graphic Fantasy #1 (June 1982) and first appeared as the “Savage Dragon” in Megaton #3 (February 1986).





Savage Dragon was listed by Wizard as the 116th-greatest comic book characters of all time. IGN also listed Savage Dragon as the 95th-greatest comic book hero of all time stating that Dragon has the ‘trappings of a great comic book hero’. The character was also adapted into an animated series, which ran for two seasons (26 episodes) on the USA Network beginning in 1995.



Unfortunate that creator Erik Larsen has turned his comic that was once aimed at young kids into what could affectionately be referred to as a ‘Tijuana bible’, given its pornographic nature in recent years. (link is NSFW). Some scenes are even more pornographic that the cringy-est manga out there, even occasionally bordering on what could be argued is child porn.



Okay, ready for that issue #250 cover?








I’m pretty sure there will be SEVERAL variants that show a BIT more creativity. I certainly hope so, but not if the current output of the title is any indication.

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