As a Geek Community Tragedy Unfolds, Rich Johnston Trolls

June 28th, 2019,

As many of you know out there, one week ago, a family tragedy struck on of the more well known and community oriented members of #TheFandomMenace. Anna – (aka That Star Wars Girl @thatstarwarsgrl) first reported that her sister Ellen had gone missing on June 25, and information started coming out in the days that followed. Anna was very public about her quest. 



Many members of #TheFandomMenace and #ComicsGate community dropped what they were doing and supported  That Star Wars Girl and her family during a very difficult time. After 24hrs, Annas’ family were overwhelmed with support, and were grateful. However, they were still very much concerned about privacy issues and wanted no media attention, involvement or otherwise until they asked for further assistance.  Sadly, the news was not good. Within a few days, Anna announced that her sister had passed away.

 That Star Wars Girl has not announced her sister’s cause of death and we ask that community members please continue to respect the families wishes. Thanks to so many out there in the community who passed word along trying to help locate Anna’s missing sister and respected her family during such a difficult period. Our hearts and condolences go out to that poor family at this difficult time. You can learn more about the events that took place here.

My heart is broken. 

All that being said…

I feel compelled to bring some attention to some overlapping events though. I just can’t let sleeping dogs lie…


Some Authoritarians were as usual, busy with their other, abusive, self-defeating and attention seeking behaviors during this time.

And while we’re on attention seekers, Rich Johnston – creator, overseer and chief milk-maid to our doppleganger website got himself occupied with starting a kind of him-sided publishing spat.

Here he is with another of his hopeful contributors.

Just kidding – this is another journo who works in another branch of the literary medium.

You see how the old industry used to secure its sources, information and favors ?

***Ahhh…the good ole’ industry status quo…

What was it we were saying about that ?

What has me quite pissed is that Mr. Rich Johnston jumped in a Twitter thread that he was not @’d to.

Those who know about how unprofessional some comic book pros have acted on Twitter, may recognize the maneuver.

The thread contained commentary dealing with a recently featured article on his website.

No one had tagged him, or even spelled his name correctly, but he showed up anyway to share some of his dad-joke snark.

Some of the information cited in error by Rich Johnston dates all the way back to July of 2018.

The original article being criticized is itself is full of inaccuracies and contains information that has been rebuffed previously by many sources including those cited in the very same article. 

And so began a bizarre passive-aggressive period of about 24hrs by Dickie and a few of his sycophants.

The only team I play for is the Kingston Vale Cricket 12.

— Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) June 25, 2019

So inspiring. 

After seeing the comings and goings over that period, and not bothering to mention real news going on, I can only gather that Richie’s space on the #comicsgate  & #TheFandomMenace side of the sandbox was meant only to disturb, intimidate, cajole, harass and distract. 

Those has-beens can’t report any real news, so when they aren’t just re-editing press releases, they fan out across the inter-webs like locusts to create the news they want.

Richie and his hipster-groupies came out to intentionally throw sand at CG.They then feigned ignorance and couldn’t seem to understand why the other kids started throwing it back.

The confused younglings and rando-trash journos didn’t seem to understand our obvious fuck-off signals.

 These pseudo-BORG were determined to glean or intentionally provoke some hate.

 The laughable and hilarious ineptitude was cheery for sure.

They cackled narcissistically to themselves about how ‘leet’ they were at “owning the ‘gaters”. There has never been a more pitiful display.

It seemed an odd pursuit for these people to attempt a version of a dog-pile that might make kindergartners chuckle.

Oh yes – infantilism masturbating itself gleefully.

These sad quasi-trolls kept up their pitiful little vigil for more than day.

I told Richie after hours of his fishing scheme that perhaps there was some news he should be reporting on regarding the community and that he had the means through followers to lend a helping hand.

I called him out repeatedly, but it seemed Dick just wanted to distract from the now. It seems Richie wanted to demonstrate his complete irrelevance and pathetic struggle to give readers any reason to visit his site other than to test their malware and virus definitions.

The platform is an advert dairy. Richard need not worry.

It’s perfectly legal. No one argues that.

It’s just that for a long time folks came to rely on Richie for comic book industry news.They trusted him.

They came to rely on his site to provide them with information that would enable them to gain a perspective.

But it’s crafted, tailored, ideological, and manipulative and coupled with hilariously overdone adverts, in a pop-up and adware hell-scape.

And yet Dickie thinks it’s all “cool”. 

It’s funny watching Dickie attempt or at the very least pretend to be relevant, even when you hand the news right to him.

 And, that’s the pathetic part I was referring to.

It’s why he must bring the Inepti-tards and LoL-Bunnies with him.

Instead of using his large follower count to help the nerdy community find a missing person, Rich Johnston and friends decided it was more productive to trawl for Lulz and aggravate people – you know…as opposed to helping.

Creating a story about Jon Del Arroz discovering someone had voted liberal that also is a ComicsGate ally ???


Now here at BleedingFool, we allow contributors to post their opposing viewpoints from time to time. We support free speech and diversity of thought. There are liberal, conservative, libertarians, and even political atheists  who contribute to this website. And sure, we pride ourselves on being the court jesters of geekdom, poking fun at some of the pretentiousness and piss-poor attitudes of those who are supposed to be “professionals” or who have become corporate shills, praising the mega-corporations that have taken over all our favorite hobbies.

But this incident, and Rich’s ignorance of it all just made me very angry. Of course, just like everything else in the rusted and bent old superstructure of the mainstream comics industry, Dickie is probably worn out, tired and even after all this time, still doesn’t have a clue even when it’s handed right to him.


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