Do You Trust These Guys With Your Hard Earned Comic Book Money?

Eric Esquivel & Eddie Berganza formerly of DC Comics – would you trust these guys?


Remember Eddie Berganza and Eric Esquivel, the editor and the writer who both were the subject of sexual misconduct scandals that led to their dismissals from DC and cancellation of the latter’s Vertigo title, Border Town? Well, as it turns out, as this item announces, they’re actually starting their own independent publisher.


It also claims:


…Since then, Berganza has been in Mexico, building homes for the homeless and working as a teacher. Including teaching comics classes.


Is this supposed to be his idea of virtue-signaling? No surprise to see Bleeding Cool trying to rehabilitate his tainted image. He certainly doesn’t belong in a school teaching the art forms, and whoever hired him there should be fired.


Yet, it’s revealed that:


Today, Esquivel tweeted the following, that he and Berganza would be working on a comics project together, with artist Jocelyn Ojeda, who Berganza recruited from his comics classes, and that their Kickstarter would begin on March 1st.



Anybody foolish enough to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign needs to get their head examined. Including the following:


I spoke to Esquivel earlier today who wished to let his earlier statements stand, but asked that people leave the artist, Jocelyn Ojeda “out of the hazing” – though he wanted people to know that she was fully aware of Berganza and Esquivel’s history. […]


Well this is being idiotic. They were booted over serious accusations and allegations, yet she’s willing to work with them? Additionally troubling is that, according to one of the respondents to the Twitter post:




Sounds pretty fishy alright. Are they trying to brew up a scam and con people to raise cash that they don’t deserve? Not good if true. I recommend all concerned should stay away from whatever fundraiser they’re running and not waste a penny on these con artists. I don’t think they belong in the medium, and they’re another reason why it’s been brought down to such dismal levels.





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Avi Green

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