Are All Disney Star Wars Showrunners This Obsessed With Race & Gender?


From EW:

Leslye Headland will serve as writer, executive producer, and showrunner on an untitled Star Wars series for the Disney+ streaming platform, the home of The Mandalorian. The Star Wars films at large have been criticized for the LGBTQ representation shown (and not shown) on screen, as well as the lack of women appointed to director positions behind the camera. It’s what adds to the significance of Headland’s role in this next iteration. “I think that when you’re working at a disadvantage, meaning you are part of an oppressed or marginalized community, it is very difficult, as they say, to become what you cannot see,” she says.


The disproportionate disparities of the disaffected disadvantaged disenfranchised.  Got it.

It’s that reason that motivates her to keep writing, even though it’s perhaps her least favorite part of the entire movie-, TV-making process. “I don’t love writing. Writing is terrible,” she admits. “Pitching is exhausting. When people are like, ‘How do I pitch?’ I’m like, ‘Well, sit down for a second, let me explain it to you because it’s working on the project for six months until they tell you you didn’t get the job.’ Especially larger-level projects like big IPs, like Star Wars and Marvel and DC. It’s like, ‘Strap in, because it’s a lot of work.’ But the hardest part is getting in the room.”


Nothing better than hiring a writer that hates writing.

She continues, “The number one way to get into the room is when people send the elevator back down for you.” That’s what she hopes to do more of. “The real joy is when I read a young woman’s script, or a young woman of color’s script, or a young LGBTQ writer and say, ‘Oh my God, this is great. This is great. I’m going to send this off to this person. You know who I know would love this? It is so and so. I’m going to send that to that person.’ I don’t say that in an altruistic way or yay me, or I’m a good person. I’m saying that actually makes me happy.”


In other words, you could put together a screenplay with a string of random incoherent words in any language.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters to Headland, is your oppression status, your skin tone, and what you do with your genitalia on a Saturday night.  If you check all three of those boxes, you can get any piece of hackery greenlighted.



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