Anthologies – Make Great Comics

I started reading comics when I was about five years old.

That’s more than thirty years ago now, but one of the things about memories that I have learned
They are connected with sounds, smells, symbols and images.

For example, summer vacation here always truly began when the gear was packed into the car and we were pulling in to the gas station picking up road snacks.

We were each given a real 20$ bill and told to hurry and gather what we wanted.

I remember the sunset framing the store as I walked in.

The smell of leaded gasoline.

My fathers beer bottles clinking onto the counter.

The crinkling bag of pork rinds.

Penny candy, Slurpies and Popcorn.

But for me one of the most vivid memories was the feeling of an annual or other anthology type comic in my hands. My body was smaller then and the book was bigger.I took my money and bought a stack for the road.

That stack usually lasted for the entire hours long car ride. It was almost like the yearbook for your favorite titles or publisher and a great way for me to ignore my brother and sister.

One of the things I have noticed now after years away from comics is the lack of such interesting and varied mags.

I’ve dug around to find out why this might be.

I have found the usual culprits of risk and demand in a nervous market after a crash.

The “Bubble”. The “Crash”. More speculation on the over speculation.

I see that there are many reasons that are offered as to why they aren’t or “cant” be done…

Excuses seem to be everywhere it seems.

As would be expected it’s the artist and readers  who lose.

Now that I  have some years in the world and a much bigger perspective I have found that anthologies or annual type books might be very important things for comics in general and I’ll give you a few of the reasons that I think so.

First off, I think in this great time for indie creation, it’s a way for artists to submit work to a larger audience without having to have the resources available for a full feature on their own.

Aspiring, talented artists themselves learn about customer feedback, and how to respond to that feedback.

They can gain some real knowledge of what they have that readers want and learn how to focus on not wasting time on what they don’t.

If more indie publishers took the chance and showcased the huge variety of creators that are out there, serial pubs might have potential to regain some popularity.

Many more creators and artists would gain some exposure.

Comic books weren’t the only publication to featured serial anthology style presentations.

Readers Digest wasn’t one of the most popular with readers everywhere for nearly one hundred years for some strange, mysterious reason.

Variety matters. Consumers respond to it.

Perhaps with a resurgence in this style of works, comics might gain some additional readership. This could only help newsstands and shops in the long term.

Publishers can confirm suspicions about promising submissions since they get to see such feedback as well.

Consumers sometimes respond to new things in entirely unexpected ways.

The best way to find out , is to let them have a sample and decide for themselves.

If you build it…they will come…

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