Another Epic Fail: Disney+ Users Accounts Hacked & Sold Online

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Disney+ Users Accounts Are Being Hacked & Sold Online

Many Disney+ users on social media are saying their accounts are showing unauthorized user profiles. When users are logging into their new Disney+ accounts, they’re finding strange names and extra profiles added to the account. Others have reported that their accounts have been hacked, with their contact email and password changed, blocking them from using their own account.

It looks like account details are being found and sold. It seems that hackers are using email spam messages to warn that your Disney+ account has been locked or your credit card needs to be updated to trick Disney+ users into handing over their username and password. Once the hackers have the login info they turn around and sell it online. One other common trick for this is using username and passwords stolen from other sites and trying them on different streaming services to see if they also work there. If they do they put them up for sale sometimes as cheap as $5 for a year of Disney+.


Womp, womp. Bravo, Disney.


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