Another Shop Bites the Dust: Comic Book Jones, Staten Island, NY


I have no idea how many comics stores are left in the New York region, but Staten Island Advance has word of another that’s closing their business down:


A beloved comic book store announced Friday that it is going out of business, leaving loyal Staten Island customers heartbroken.

Socko Jones, owner of Comic Book Jones in Mariners Harbor, tweeted that the shop will remain open for “roughly two weeks” before closing for good. […]

The shop, a former “Best of Staten Island” poll winner, has been a haven for fans of Marvel, DC Comics, anime and nostalgic cartoons since it opened in late 2007. It also was known for hosting notable writers and artists, comedy shows and superhero movie premiere parties.


Obviously, a terrible shame they have to shut down. But if there’s no mention of how and why they’d be forced to close, how can anybody expect to prevent this from happening so easily in the future, or make improvements? Bad quality of product is already one of the biggest factors in stores losing audience, doing a terrible disfavor even for those publishers who’re doing a better job than the majors and mainstream are, but nobody in the press thinks to mention that, or give an in-depth analysis, do they? And then they wonder why the stores go out of business, or maybe they don’t, because they never had respect for the art form in the first place.


With this store on its way out, one has to wonder how many more, in New York and elsewhere, will follow suit? And how many will remain in New York, if at all? The sad picture of business for comics continues on with no telling what’ll come next.

Their final customer party, tailgate party, is scheduled to take place this Saturday. Drop by and pay your respects.
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Avi Green

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