Anita Sarkeesian Now Offers Woke Consulting Services?

Would you ever want to have Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker,  look over your comic book, film, or video game and tell you whether or not it’s properly woke?

Me neither. 

However, it seems to be what she’s doing these days. With the views of her Feminist Frequency channel declining rather sharply, and her former writer Jonathan McIntosh performing much better on YouTube, she’s moving onto different avenues. 

The unfortunate thing is that some people will likely buy into this. However, I have a theory about exactly how cynical this whole thing is. You have leftist blogs who will trash your product for not being adequately “woke.” However, you can hire a consultant like Anita who, oddly enough, has been given awards by those exact same blogs. If you hire her, you very likely won’t get those stories written about you. Until your product gets trashed by them for a different reason and then you have to hire her again. 

It all comes across a bit like a philosophical pyramid scheme. Let me explain… 


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Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis is a former video game journalist who has appeared on Blistered Thumbs, Techraptor, SuperNerdLand, and Truthrevolt, and focuses his Youtube channel on the nerd subculture, politics, and the growing intersection between the two. He focuses on the politics surrounding the art industry, the importance of keeping the market free, the rights of the people involved, and (of course) the games, movies, television, and so forth that we all enjoy.