An Interesting Selection of Comics Are Missing from Marvel’s Schedule

Newsarama’s revealed that Marvel’s slowly returning release schedule is revised, with some titles built on social justice politics not appearing, along with those whose scribes are some of the worst they’ve employed for a decade or so already:


Specifically, here are some titles you won’t be seeing for at least the next two months (and possibly more).

X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy, Conan the Barbarian, and Star Wars are the highest-profile ongoing titles that are missing in action for the time being. […]

In other notable absences, the entirety of the “Outlawed” sub-line of titles – Champions, Power Pack, and New Warriors – are not included. […]

And while the pair of Empyre #0 issues are present, the main series itself and the various tie-in titles planned for April and subsequent months are unaccounted for through July 8.


Some of the flagship titles highlighted are written by rotten writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dan Slott and Jason Aaron. And the new take on the New Warriors has already been in discussion, as it represents the most noticeable current example of their social justice propaganda in motion. Most amazing has to be that, as they say, all titles pertaining to the Outlawed event are suspended from release, and while reading this earlier article, I noticed in the comments section:


X-Men is missing because Empyre #1 is also not listed. Ms. Marvel is an odd omission though, since she was due out on the same day as Miles Morales – April 1st (which means the comics should just be sitting in Diamond’s warehouse!).




Ms. Marvel might be because of Outlawed


And based on the repellent politics the book is built on, it’d be better if they dropped it altogether. It sold very low over the years, and the Corona pandemic would only make it more of a loss leader, since Marvel’s funding has already taken enough of a blow from being unable to deliver and sell their wares due to the limited way stores have been forced to function so far. What’s so “odd” about the book being omitted from the list of releases? Nothing, really. It’s been one of the most blatant productions Marvel ever came up with, a huge waste of resources, even as they go to such lengths to promote it as the biggest treasure ever and adapt it to TV and film, and now, it looks like, for a change, they may have decided it’s best to let it go, the question being whether they’re learning a lesson why it won’t help them when they’ve taken a significant loss of money during the Covid19 crisis?


As for material related to the Empyre crossover, there’s also a valid argument to make that company wide events can also be very costly at a time like this, and it’d be far better to put crossovers to rest as well, since they’ve long stopped making serious money, and take away the writer’s ability to tell self-contained stories. Of course, if the stories are built upon social justice propaganda, that’s where stand-alone writing will fumble, so they’d do well to move away from all the propaganda tactics they’ve been pandering for too long.

And, naturally, there’s also the argument to make that continuity as it was once known has to be given the ability to be stood erect again. This can be done by clearing away 2 decades worth of bad stories for starters, and retiring floppies in favor of paperbacks. If Marvel really wants to prove they can let go of all these grievous errors, now would be the best time to start. But, if we know their MO good enough, it’s a foregone conclusion they’ll miss what could be a grand opportunity to mend all the fences they’ve damaged over the years.



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