Alarming Crude Attacks from Director of the SF Cartoon Museum


I’ve written before about the director of the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, Andrew Farago, and found on his X feed some more, very alarming posts. For example:



And more recently:



Now as I said before, Mr. Farago did the right thing to give his support to the Israeli family of infant Kfir Bibas in the months after the October 7, 2023 Hamas bloodbath. But that’s still no excuse for the kind of crude attacks he wrote here, the latter which is apparently an allusion to a woman of Jewish background, Chaya Raichik, who runs the Libs of TikTok page on X, and has been covering cases of LGBT activists, in example, who’re promoting transsexual ideology, which has included emphasis on mastectomies of girls’ breasts.


Let us be perfectly clear. This is something the Hamas practically did last year during the horror story they wrote up when they attacked the Nova music festival and other areas close by, mutilating many women and girls after gang raping them. If Mr. Farago is downplaying the seriousness of mastectomies no matter the situation, all for the sake of repugnant sex-change operations, that’s horrific, and if he still supports such beliefs, it conflicts with what he signed onto the Bibas petition for. Does Mr. Farago realize he’s minimizing the seriousness of the topics in focus by attacking Mrs. Raichik? It should be noted Raichik came under attack and was doxxed by one of the worst writers at the Wash. Post, and by scribbling up that reprehensible message, Mr. Farago’s adding insult to injury. What business then does he have writing about comics with Jewish creators if that’s how he’s going to approach their fellow brethren elsewhere? Political positions are no excuse.


He posted that second message about 2 months before news of the Bibas petition to Qatar went to press, and it’s to be hoped Mr. Farago will tone down his rhetoric, which is an embarrassment for somebody working in PR, let alone writing about comics history, Batman or otherwise. But if he keeps up that obnoxious far-left behavior, he’ll only damage the impact of his noble act in favor of the Bibas family. And that isn’t helpful at all. Why, what solid proof does he have that Comicsgate took issue with Superman tackling KKK members? None was presented.


What matters is whether anybody in Comicsgate has the courage to say Islamic terrorism is a subject modern comics creators should write about, including – but not limited to – those who signed onto the Bibas petition from the Wyman institute. The only issue with Superman battling the KKK is that compared to the modern issue of Islamic jihad, it’s very weak by comparison, and very unchallenging. If Mr. Farago’s refused until now to address such issues, it only demonstrates why his attacks on Comicsgate are all a virtue-signaling sham. So, let’s hope he’s stopped wasting his time on Comicsgate since, and hope he’s stopped his attacks on other conservative figures who’re opposed to anything that’s similar to what the Hamas did on October 7, 2023.



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