After a Bisexual Superman, DC Comics Turning Supergirl Gay


Polygon is absolutely gushing over this forced misuse of both Wonder Woman and an alternate version of Supergirl (which looks like a cross between Power Girl), and the writer wants this to be canon in the DCU proper as well:


In her 2015 DC Bombshells series, set in an alternate universe, Marguerite Bennett established that Wonder Woman had gotten her first kiss from Princess of Mera of Atlantis. In his 2016 Wonder Woman series, Greg Rucka and his collaborators established Wonder Woman as a queer character who had been in love with one of her Amazon sisters before ever setting foot in Man’s World. In 2017, even Wonder Woman’s mass-audience big-budget film acknowledged that Amazons enjoy sex and relationships amongst themselves.

This week the alternate fantasy world series Dark Knights of Steel revealed that its version of Wonder Woman is dating Superman’s sister — that world’s Supergirl. Wonder Woman has had implied girlfriends, off-screen girlfriends, and girlfriends that couldn’t be called girlfriends because writers were living in more homophobic times.

I’m not mad! I’m actually more excited about the direction of the Wonder Woman line now than I have been in years. The fact that there is even a Wonder Woman line of books, instead of just a solo title, is practically a first for DC Comics. But all the same.

How much longer do I have to wait for Wonder Woman to smooch a girl on good old Earth 0? Phew.


Somebody sees fit to use this kind of cheap sensationalist news as an excuse to demand more of the same flood every corner of the DC universe proper, along with the Marvel universe, no doubt. Pure insult to the intellect. One can only wonder how soon they’ll be corrupting the characterization of Lois Lane, and even her sister Lucy.





As if that weren’t ludicrous enough, it would seem DC, under Marie Javins‘ fast deteriorating editorialship, is even going out of their way to establish Nubia as the first WW, in a step that’s vaguely similar to the time when Marvel forced The Truth: Red, White & Black down everyone’s throats. When they do that so blatantly, it’s a way of saying they disapprove of the idea that a white woman would be the first introduced into such a role. By the way, isn’t Supergirl the cousin of Superman? Now there’s something where they wound up just being sloppy.



Aside from the alarmingly forced continuation of turning every possible established character homosexual for the sake of it, one can only wonder how many more company wide crossovers they’ll be doing? Because that too has long become a horribly sabotaging tool in storytelling and marketing for mainstream comics.


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