According to Stephen Spielberg, Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy Was “Horrible at Her Job”

Jar Jar Abrams recently posted an audio clip of Stephen Speilberg saying how terrible Kathleen Kennedy was at taking notes.



Click on the image to listen to the audio on Twitter.


You can also listen to it on YouTube:



Here’s Kathleen Kennedy on Entertainment Weekly, talking about how they took lots of notes from George Lucas for The Rise of Skywalker:



Here’s George Lucas’ notes:



“I thought I was dead!” McDiarmid told Digital Spy in a recent video interview. “I thought he was dead. Because when we did ‘Return of the Jedi,’ and I was thrown down that chute to Galactic Hell, he was dead. And I said, ‘Oh, does he come back?’ And [George] said, ‘No, he’s dead.’

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