According to New Doc, Lucasfilm Staff Aren’t Familiar With Original Trilogy

Folks often talk about the current creative staff within Lucasfilm being unfamiliar with the basic lore of Star Wars, particularly the lore in the Expanded Universe. And they’re right. But it’s much worse than that. They barely understood the Original Trilogy.




Recently I wrote about ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel who struggles with the meaning of the word “war” in the title of the franchise. For me, that was the most shocking statement to come out of Lucasgilm to date. When someone that far up the food chain within Lucasfilm can’t understand the basic meaning of the title of the franchise, what possible hope can there be for Star Wars?


The correct answer is none.


The Skywalker Legacy is a documentary included on the home release of The Rise Of Skywalker Blu-ray. At the 1:23:48 mark (seen in the video below), ILM Visual Effects Director Chris Voy  talks about how they went back to the model of the Death Star to look at the details that they were going to recreate in the wreckage that appears in Episode 9 of the Disney Trilogy. Lucasfilm Design Supervisor James Clyne talks about taking a bunch of photos of the original model, and then talks about the curvature and texture and banding on the dish, saying that one of those bands is the trench that Luke flies down.




So not only did they not understand that the Death Star trench was not located anywhere near the dish, but they also didn’t understand which Death Star Luke actually assaulted. Because throughout the entire rambling sequence, James Clyne and Chris Voy are both looking at the second unfinished Death Star from Return of the Jedi, which Lando Calrissian led the assault on, which even didn’t involve a trench run.


There is absolutely no hope for Star Wars with the current production staff at Lucasfilm.


You can watch the clip below at the 1:23:48 mark:


The Skywalker Legacy | Star Wars - Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019)


The most galling thing about all of this is how Disney portrays themselves as meticulously honoring what George Lucas created, when they’re the company that threw out his entire Sequel Trilogy treatments.

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