Access Media Outlets Now Scrambling to Get On-Board With Boyega

Now that John Boyega has suggested that Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars is racist, media outlets are tripping over themselves to parrot the sentiment for virtuous clout. This is resulting in all manner of rank hypocrisy. Media personalities that once called the Fandom Menace, racist, sexist, misogynist, etc., are now parroting some of the same critical comments that the same Fandom Menace made almost 3 years ago, because someone from the oppressed class has now made it okay for them to say.


We can see this total 180 best in writer Angela Watercutter from WIRED.



Who could forget the utterly ridiculous article she wrote back in December of 2017, which I later commented on in February of 2018:



But apparently, in 2020, after John Boyega’s GQ interview, The Last Jedi now bothers Angela Watercutter:



The lack of self-awareness is utterly otherworldly. Unless of course, Angela is just in the business of chasing outrage clicks, and doesn’t really care about what her actual opinions are. Or it could just be the typical mental retardation that all SJWs are stricken with. We can determine which, by examining what Watercutter wrote then and now.


Here’s what Watercutter wrote back in 2017:



Watercutter erroneously assumes that the desire to “stop making everything about race” is equivalent to not liking “diversity in your Star Wars movies.” Sure a person might have some mild concerns over bunions. But that doesn’t mean the person wants to talk about bunions all day long. Wattercutter is unable to perceive the nature of her sick obsession with the artificial divisions of race.


Which is why she then writes this, in 2020:



Note the underline beneath “decrying inclusion.” That’s a hyperlink, which goes directly to her own 2017 article. In other words, she’s still under the delusion that critical voices nearly 3 years ago were all about not liking “diversity in your Star Wars movies.” She’s completely oblivious to the fact John Boyega is merely echoing the same criticisms we made back then, because she never took the time to understand them. In essence, it was Wattercutter herself, who was always the reactionary.


And this is happening all over legacy media outlets. What was once verboten, is now en vogue.


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