About That Star Wars Celebration ‘Shipping Panel’…

So there’s going to be a ‘shipping panel at Star Wars Celebration.

Direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

Readers may remember the co-author of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia Tricia Barr who was upset over the firing of Chuck Wendig, as one of the feminists who proudly sported the “Fanboy Tears” mug, and conflates superiority with equality, who blamed “white males” for the false Ahmed Best narrative and Princess Leia’s gold bikini for her anorexia, and who co-hosts the Girls Going Rogue podcast. Well she’s got some concerns about this shipping panel, and as always with SJWs, it’s about race and gender. Surprise!


Not even a droid could make sense of her ramblings.

Celebration hasn’t even begun and already we’re seeing hilarious SJW hand wringing.

Bailey made the following Twitter post:

To which Tricia Barr replied:

But what about Throke?


Patriarchal pals.

But the podcasters putting on this panel didn’t take too kindly to Tricia Barr’s amusing concerns.

Remember the good old days when we discussed AT-AT armor and tibanna gas mines, and never had to deal with this kind of silly nonsense? Those days are no more, under the brave and bold new era of melanin and genitalia obsessed Disney. Honestly, the more these feminists try to be equal the more they act like the stereotype of women that they’re trying to avoid. In any case, looks like the drama on the stage during the shipping panel may prove to be more dramatic than anything in the Sequel Trilogy. Litigate away!

Ain’t that the truth!

Thanks to SethVLF for the tip.

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