UPDATE: About Rotten Tomatoes’ New “Rating System”… Hmm

Something I’ve noticed about the new “rating system” that RottenTomatoes.com put forward about a week ago and that’s the ‘Audience Ratings’. I’ve provided the direct link so you can go and read about it if you haven’t seen it yet. The motives behind the change has been discussed a few times on Bleeding Fool already.


So, before this change took place, users could go to the website, rate the movie coming out and even indicate if you wanted to see it or not see it. The Audience Score would calculate the overall rating of what they, the audience thought about this movie, even before it came out.


Was this fair to movie studios? Probably not, but it still indicated what an audience felt about the upcoming movie based on news, trailers, and comments from critics, so it could be helpful to moviegoers, and possibly even to the studios who might learn that consumers may not be responding well to your marketing – maybe they could fix that before the actual film was released.

I can see them taking away the grade or star rating system, because how can you rate a movie without seeing it, right?

Well all that changed because there were reports from various sources that there was a campaign on the internet to trash Captain Brie — I mean the Captain Marvel movie, sight unseen, which made the Audience Score plummet to the low score of 30% before Rotten Tomatoes cut it off and enacted their “planned” policy change for the website.


Fine, I get it RT, you did what you had to do, but what I find interesting about the new “rating system”, see the box that has appeared below. What does that mean? Will it only count reviews 3.5 stars or higher in the future? When you mouse over the question mark next to the words AUDIENCE SCORE, it says “the percentage of users who have rated this movie 3.5 stars or higher”.


This is how it looks for all movies, before they’re released. What does this mean? Is it something left over from the weird coding they did to prevent reviews? Is it setting up for something in the future? Will the algorithms not be counting all of the audience reviews of movies if the score gets too low?


Let’s look at the movie now, after its been out:




Guess its still showing the bad reviews in that scoring..


BUT it makes me wonder why that mouseover indicator is there? Mistake? Or something they’re setting up for?


I’m starting to wonder just how much we should trust Rotten Tomatoes. 


ESPECIALLY after recent reports of Rotten Tomatoes critics falsifying their ratings in order to keep their access being exposed…


Anyhow, it’s just something I’ve noticed and maybe its a mistake, but let’s keep an eye out as we know they will do anything they can to protect Captain Brie and her “hate white men” movement.


UPDATE: I noticed that after writing this article and queuing it up for publishing that Rotten Tomatoes suddenly pruned 54,000+ audience ratings. While I’m sure some of those were troll accounts posting bad ratings (I did see a lot of weird repeated comments), but close to 55k in troll comments? I call total bullshit on that.


Looks like something rotten is going on here…

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