A Legendary Captain Takes Another Step Towards Immortality.

James T. Kirk Reserve Bourbon is the newest product in a line of Star Trek branded spirits that began launching this past summer from Silver Screen Bottling Co. The high-end, small batch bourbon is available for pre-sale for $299 per bottle at JamesTKirkReserve.com and will begin shipping just in time for the holidays. The perfect gift for that over-21 ‘Trekkie’ on your Christmas list.

According to the manufacturers, “James T. Kirk Reserve is a bourbon to match the greatest bourbons America has to offer. Made in a very small batch from carefully selected barrels, James T. Kirk Reserve exhibits complex aromas of vanilla, oak and toffee.  Bottled at barrel strength, James T. Kirk Reserve is surprisingly delicate and can be enjoyed with or without a few drops of Scalosian water.”

The reserve label is the third Star Trek product launched this year by Silver Screen Bottling Co. under license by CBS Consumer Products. Previously announced James T. Kirk Bourbon and Ten-Forward Vodka are available for purchase at www.silverscreenbottling.com.

Additional product lines will be added in the future.

“Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young.” Captain James T. Kirk

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