A Guilty (And Best Forgotten) Pleasure? Son of the Beach at 18

FX’s three-season ‘raunchy’ politically incorrect Baywatch parody Son of the Beach (2000-02) was juvenile and deeply silly.



But what the hell, I really liked it at the time – and even licensed it for ITV4 in the UK, when I launched and ran the channel. But maybe, much like revisiting Entourage, the reaction will be ‘well that was crap, not what I remembered’. Still better than 2017’s lousy Baywatch movie though.


Admittedly, a low bar.


Baywatch (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


I’m afraid I still find the character names amusing – Porcelain Bidet, Chip Rommel (a Schwarzengger p*ss-take, played by Terminator Salvation‘s Roland Kickinger), BJ Cummings, Vinnie Fellachio and star Timothy Stack’s Notch Johnson, a flabby, balding, (more) deluded take on Hasselhoff’s Mitch Buchannon.


The hand of executive producer Howard Stern can be probably be detected in episode titles such as:


With Sex You Get Eggroll, Miso Honei, Mario Putzo’s The Last Dong, Attack of the Cocktopuss, Queefer Madness Booger Nights, Witness for the Prostitution, The Long Hot Johnson, Three Days of the Condom, You Only Come Once, Penetration Island, etc.



Subtle it’s not. Probably says a lot about my puerile sense of humour.


Guest stars included the likes of Gary Coleman, Jason Alexander, Pat Morita, Walter Koenig, David Arquette, Neil Patrick Harris,…Patty Hearst…and Joey Buttfuoco, which wasn’t the smartest of moves. I guess John Wayne Bobbitt was unavailable.



Here’s a few clips – so dive in! the water’s…kinda cloudy.


Son of the Beach Intro

Notch Johnson`s funny jokes, scene`s and quotes

Son Of The Beach S02E05 Queefer Madness DVDrip H264 AAC PRiNCE



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