Celebrating Italian Fumetti’s Erotic Comic Artist Emanuele Taglietti

A writer on Twitter called Pulp Librarian gave some history of Fumetti Sexy, an erotic Italian comic magazine begun in the late 70s and lasting at least till the end of the 80s, which has some interesting ideas as seen in the pictures provided, as well as one of its most famous artists, Emanuele Taglietti, beginning here:




I admit, it most certainly is intriguing history. But, as they go on to say in one of the later posts:


Fumetti Sexy could never be published today: its content is too outrageous and sometimes too crude to find a mainstream market. However the cover art of Emanuele Taglietti is still highly collectable.


Well it’s not like I find crudeness appealing (if you go to the post, just look at the shadow on that snowman!), but apart from that, a shame if this kind of publication falls victim to modern censorship just because of sexual themes alone. Of course, that’s exactly why it shouldn’t have to be published for mainstream per se, but for “niche” markets, according to how many would buy it. That said, many print magazines have long since been replaced by online magazines, which do just as good a job serving their target markets and audiences. So maybe what the world needs right now is a web-zine dedicated to sexy artwork, along with the kind of surreal fantasy artwork Belgium’s Rene Magritte was famous for in his time, and all aimed at specific audiences and marketplaces.


Anyway, whatever one’s opinion, this certainly does make for interesting moments in European comic history.


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