Star Wars Celebration: Aftermath

Tom Kane, soon to join the “unpersoned” Rachel Butera…

Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin tweeted out the following shortly after Celebration 2019:


As such, the uneducated stenographers in the legacy media were duty bound to echo this sentiment.

Kate Erbland writes for IndieWire, and may be known to readers of this blog for her reviews of The Last Jedi and Solo, her bigoted hatred of “white males,” and her stenography of JJ Abrams’ infamous “threatened by women” canard.  More recently, Kate wrote the following article at IndiWire entitled, Star Wars Celebration 2019 Flipped the Script on Toxic Fandom

In it she wrote:

The fan event is always a bastion of goodwill, but after months of online trolling and infighting over new stars and new films, the Chicago convention showed what real fans look like. Tran’s emotion was understandable. After breaking out as the first woman of color to have a lead role in a “Star Wars” film, the actress became the victim of vicious online trolling (supposedly from “fans” of the franchise) regarding her looks, ethnicity, and talent. Tran has endured months of harassment, both on social media (including her own Instagram account) and in rancid comment threads on posts about the film and her work in it. In June 2018, Tran wiped her own social media accounts.

Meanwhile, the equally ignorant Clarisse Loughrey from Independent wrote:

Kelly Marie Tran, who had faced months of racist and sexist abuse online following her role as Rose Tico in 2017’s The Last Jedi, was given a rapturous reception on taking the stage at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena. At the world’s biggest Star Wars convention, attended only by the most dedicated of fans, she was embraced with an open and loving heart. “Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!” they chanted, rising to a standing ovation. She cried. I cried. It seemed like most of the auditorium cried.

And then I made Clarisse cry.  After reading her nonsensical article, I pointed out to her that the KMT harassment narrative had been thoroughly discredited, as largely the fabrication of’s Jason Ward (Pablo, see hyperlink for “reasons”).

Kelly Marie Tran’s Instagram account was never deleted.  She only disabled her Instagram account which makes the content not viewable to the public.  In fact her Instagram account remains up and running as of this writing.

After spoon feeding a page with several links to Clarisse Loughrey, she quipped:

You see, the uneducated SJW savage is trained to refer to the presentation of evidence as a “conspiracy theory” in a Pavlovian-like manner.  It’s an attempt to de-legitimatize said evidence which proves any particular favored narrative to be incorrect.  The drones at the top of the Collective do this for selfish reasons in their unrelenting quest for power over others.  The drones at the bottom of the Collective like Clarisse, protect the narrative she wants to believe in because of the way it makes her feel.  Every SJW wants to be a social justice folk hero.  But to be a hero, one needs a villain to defeat.  When one isn’t immediately present, the SJW is compelled to fabricate one.  In this case, it’s the imaginary “toxic white male” of Star Wars fandom, or some variation thereof.

But I responded to Clarisse with the following:

That’s right.  Hilariously, Clarisse had reacted without bothering to read the information that I spoon fed to her in my immediately preceding Twitter post.  But having her clumsy idiocy publicly revealed did not dampen her seething SJW frothing.


It was at this point I had to remind Clarisse that there wasn’t anything to believe or disbelieve, because KMT never made any of the claims that Clarisse wrote about.  Rather, KMT’s editor made the claims in the NYT piece instead.  After having her lack of basic reading comprehension exposed for all to see, Clarisse remained silent and responded no further.  After all, it’s better to keep one’s mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.  She may have come to realize that, if a bit too late.

But with all of that aside, it’s astonishing how publications from two different hemispheres would publish such strikingly similar sentiments.  It’s almost as though SJWs, or NPCs as others call them, think exactly alike no matter where on Earth they are or how far they’re separated from one another.  They certainly respond to the same stimuli with the same well-rehearsed hyperbole, which does indicate similarities in their programming.

Both of the articles continued to laundry list Kelly Marie Tran’s genitalia and melanin content as accomplishments, but curiously Clarisse was the only one that listed the requisite SJW lies about Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best.

Jake Lloyd was bullied for his role as a young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, which in turn dissuaded him from pursuing an acting career, while Ahmed Best has spoken of the hostility meted out to his character Jar Jar Binks and how it reached a point where the actor considered suicide.

While Clarisse doesn’t explicitly blame the fans, placing this text in juxtaposition with the standardized SJW rant about KMT and the “toxic fanbase,” certainly gives the reader that impression.  As readers of this blog are aware, both Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Bestare on record repeatedly and publicly stating that the hostile bullying came primarily from the legacy media.

Clarisse continued in regards to Celebration 2019:

After all, I’d been angrily told by many a faceless Twitter account, that Disney’s “leftist agenda” had killed Star Wars in cold blood and left its body to be picked clean by vultures. Well, if that section of the supposed fandom did turn up, they managed to keep awfully quiet.

They sure were awfully quiet.  Particularly during the release of Solo.

Then Clarisse sent a warning shot across Lucasfilm’s bow.

Lucasfilm’s real test, of course, is whether they actually follow through with introducing that much-needed LGBT+ representation in the Star Wars universe.

If Lucasfilm does not comply, then SJW savages will no doubt screech louder than they do whenever Lucasfilm hires a “white male” director.  So Stormpilot had better become a reality, or there will be idiot activist hell to pay.  Star Wars is no longer about wars in the stars.  It’s about narcissistic cosplaying snowflakes who feel the need to gaze at their own reflection on screen, even though a simple mirror would suffice. 

Kate Erbland also wrote in her IndieWire article:

They’re joining a franchise filled with women, and the fandom is evolving to reflect that change.

Yes.  They’re evolving like a herpes strain that you can’t get rid of, as they dox Adam Driver and harass Daisy Ridley over their private off-screen relationships.  When are we going to get the standard “Toxic Fandom” MadLibs-style articles from the legacy media about that?

Clarisse gushed over Ashley Eckstein in her Independent article:

Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka Tano on the animated shows The Clone Wars and Rebels, burst into tears when recounting the story of a young fan diagnosed with cancer. She hosted a panel on the Saturday named Sisters of the Force, which celebrated the franchise’s female characters and their inspiring effect on fans of all ages, regardless of gender.

Yes.  Regardless of gender.  Except for the female gender of the Sisters of the Force.  But other than that it was completely without regard to gender.

Kate also lauded the event her IndieWire article:

Later in the weekend, a fan-created panel about the changing roles of women in the franchise played to a completely full audience, despite going up against Saturday morning’s marquee panel for the upcoming Disney theme parks Galaxy’s Edge. That evening, the women of Star Wars took over the event’s largest space, the Celebration Stage, for a panel entitled “Sisters of the Force: A Celebration of Women and Star Wars.”

They should have titled the event, A Celebration Of Women Regardless Of Gender.

For Eckstein, who also created the female-targeted geek fashion line Her Universe, the panel spoke to the heart of her continued rallying cry. “‘Star Wars’ is for everyone, … not just men and boys, not just women and girls,” she told the crowd. “It’s something we should all enjoy together.” Looking around the audience, it seemed like her wish had already come true.

Yes.  Looking around at a female audience, attending a Sisters Of The Force panel, hosted by a woman who runs a Star Wars schwag company called “Her Universe,”  made it seem like the wish for Star Wars to be for everyone was true.  This is the nature of SJW delusion and stupidity.

Clarisse remarked on the dumbest Star Wars T-Shirt ever made.

The convention’s official store released a commemorative T-shirt for the event emblazoned with the words: “Star Wars is for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Kate discussed the trials and tribulations of female cosplaying, regardless of gender.

On Friday afternoon, female fans gathered to discuss the unique challenges of cosplaying as a woman, including how to build out their costumes.


Wearing a blue wig is a unique challenge?

Clarisse then parroted The Last Jedi’s cheesy faux wisdom:

Funnily enough, I came away from the weekend reminded of a line uttered by Rose Tico herself: “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.”


And SJWs love crap. Which might explain San Francisco’s infamous poop patrol. Hey Poop Patrol, you missed a giant spot on Letterman Drive. What neither of these legacy media brainiacs bothered to mention, was the comments made by Admiral Ackbar voice actor Tom Kane at Celebration, who said on stage for the extremely annoying That Star Wars Show:

“I’ve been Ackbar for about six years. And I was not really thrilled about how they blew him out the side of the ship.”

“I’m like, who is this Holdo woman? Nobody knows her. No one’s invested in her. Who is she? Why is she saving the fleet? If anyone was gonna save the, fleet it’d be Ackbar.”

Admiral Ackbar voice actor talks about Star Wars: The Last Jedi


But an SJW who writes for SyFy Wire wrote about Tom Kane‘s comments.  Here’s what Andrea Ayres had to say:

Well, now that everyone’s uncomfortable …

The audience and interviewer didn’t seem sure of how to react. Some clapped, some laughed, but most were silent. Kane appeared to take it in stride as he laughed to himself. The interviewer then paused for a moment, before quickly steering the conversation toward a less divisive topic, The Clone Wars.

It’s easy to see why Kane would want to have the iconic heroic scene given to Holdo. Who wouldn’t want to save the fleet? That, however, may have been too predictable for The Last Jedi’s writer/director, Rian Johnson. Johnson clearly wanted to keep audiences on their toes by subverting and challenging expectations, as discussed in a 2017 interview with Business Insider.

Why on Earth would everyone be uncomfortable? Was there a solar flare that suddenly raised the globe’s temperature by 150 degres?


Instead, it’s because Tom Kane dared to express an opinion about a movie that wasn’t explicitly approved by the SJW ignorati. This of course means in turn, that only idiot SJWs were uncomfortable rather than everyone. But not to worry. Pre-programmed SJWs had a champion in That Star Wars Show interviewer Max Scoville who was happy to silence Tom Kane’s dissenting opinion as any good fascist would.

Or at least, that was Max’s original story.  We’d have to wait a couple of days before Max would revise his public responses to this fiasco.

So which is it?  Did Max not want to dwell on the negative, or did Max have a producer in his ear?  Maybe fans should send Max some Q-tips so he can get that producer out of his ear.  In any case, Max wants to make sure that everyone understands the full context of the contextual contextualization because none of this was his fault:

It was all so “hectic” don’t you see?  It was a mad house!

This of course leaves us wondering when intellectual void Bryan Young will admonish Tom Kane for violating the Celebration rules that he himself stupidly made up.

Well Bryan, Tom Kane litigated it in front of everyone on stage at Celebration 2019 during That Star Wars Show.  Now what?  Because these comments from Tom Kane are the kinds of comments that fans made, and were called racist and misogynist for.  So when can we expect your dumb article on the matter?

Why isn’t Celebration 2019 the place to “litigate” your criticisms of Star Wars?  Because SJWs now have control over the franchise, so criticism of it is no longer allowed.  Criticism of Star Wars was only allowed when people other than SJWs were in control of the franchise.

Such as when Kathleen Kennedy saw fit to “litigate” her disapproval of Jar Jar Binks on stage at Celebration way back in 2015 according to Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Jar Jar Binks, a goofy amphibious character who irritated many “Star Wars” fans in the 1999 film “The Phantom Menace,” will not appear in the new movie “The Force Awakens,” producer Kathleen Kennedy said on Sunday.

The filmmakers have declined to share much about what audiences will see when “Force Awakens” opens in theaters on Dec. 18, but Kennedy did answer a question at a news conference about what is not in the film.

“Jar Jar is definitely not in the movie,” Kennedy said to applause and cheers.

An online poll of movie fans in 2006 found Binks to be the most annoying film character of all time.

Audiences of the new film also won’t see any Ewoks, the furry creatures from 1983’s “Return of the Jedi,” Kennedy said. “That’s because Harrison insisted on it,” she joked, referring to Harrison Ford, who returns to play Han Solo in “Force Awakens.”

Huh.  Now would this qualify as the hostile bullying of Ahmed Best in Clarisse’s ignorant opinion?  Kate Erbland claims to have “covered three of these events in the past four years.”  Did Kate cover any of this toxicity?  Does Bryan Young disapprove of Kathleen Kennedy’s on-stage litigation?  Enquiring minds want to know.

But by far the most interesting thing out of all of this, is discovering who owns the publications that Clarisse and Kate write for, the Independent and IndieWire.

Well, the Independent is published by Independent Print Ltd., a subsidiary of Lebedev Holdings Limited.  Lebedev Holdings Limited is owned by Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev.  Who is Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev you may ask?

Considered as one of the most popular Russian oligarchs, Alexander Lebedev was named by Forbes as one of the wealthiest persons in Russia. He is a part owner of Novaya Gazeta, a Russian newspaper. Together with his son Evgeny Lebedev, Alexander Lebedev currently owns four major newspapers in Russia which include The Independent, Independent on Sunday and the London Evening Standard.

A rich Russian oligarch.  Everything that SJWs currently love.  I guess it’s time to pull Rian Johnson and professor Morten Bay into the conversation to start talking about those dastardly Russian Bots.  This is almost as satisfying as discovering that the real Russian collusion story involved Hillary Clinton rather than Trump.

And what about IndieWire?  Well, IndieWire is owned by Penske Media, which also owns Variety.  The top man at Penske Media is executive Tom Finn, who “spent most of his career at Disney.”   Turns out that Disney executives are Penske material.

He will report directly to George Grobar, who in 2016 became PMC’s chief operating officer after several years at the vice president level.

Like Grobar, Finn spent most of his career with Disney. He joined that company in 2001 after six years working as executive director for business development at Paramount Pictures, part of Viacom. At Disney, Finn spend a decade as an operations executive, managing the financial and capital aspects of its media networks, before moving on to a role as chief financial officer at ESPN Star Sports in Singapore, a venture between Disney and News Corp.

Ta da!

Maybe Disney’s other shill Matt Miller from Esquire will write an article too!

This will play into the next blog entry.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Clarisse has some parting well wishes for anyone who doesn’t instantly believe the claims of waman that are supported by zero evidence:

The feeling is mutual, Clarisse.


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