Down the Bleeding Cool Memory Hole

There is something missing in the world of online journalism. A basic set of rules in how reporting works. The first rule of reporting for any starting journalist is that: no story is truly a bad story. For all intents and purposes, Theodore Beale aka Vox Day is a controversial figure in the realm of Comicsgate, Anti-Comicsgate, Science Fiction, and Politics. I could cover the entire story of Vox, and I could only scratch the surface on the man. Perhaps, this is a product of the mythos he makes about himself on Vox Popoli. There’s also the various items about him on Wikipedia, RationalWiki, and Kiwi Farms. He is a case study on his own, yes. But, the study is not about him. It’s about the article that Bleeding Cool has made in relation to him.

(Editor- We don’t often mention Bleeding Cool by name, since this website was started primarily to satirize them, their clickbait articles, and their abundance of pop up ads and auto-start videos, as well as to offer the perspectives they don’t often present on their website – namely a more libertarian to conservative perspective that has so often been substantially lacking. Furthermore, they have mods who repeatedly shadow-ban community members whenever they espouse points of view that don’t align with the progressive, pro-comic publishing shill point-of-view they seem to regularly ascribe to. This situation will be the exception.)

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