Where to Find Original Art to Decorate Your Walls

Where to find original art to decorate your walls?
A cautionary set of paragraphs by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.

As always, I am going to assume that you know everything about the location of Atlantis and the reason why Fish Tacos where not a thing amongst the reclusive space faring population.


A live auction at Heritage Auctions is expected to sell more than $10 million of vintage comic books and original comic art. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

Right lets jump right into this.


The ONLY criteria regarding the auction sites listed below is, that they are open to everyone, even your pet turtle who loves to paint in Squishy Silly Squash.

That last sentence is only correct up until the second comma.

Here is the list.

The big cheese, the grand daddy of them all:


The next one is:



And one more:




But wait! What’s this???


You have independent Auction sites like Cross Comics!



Holy Moly!

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?

I’ll tell ya what is what.

There is a world of art out there in the. . .  world.

And there are people WHO like to have an original piece of art.

But don’t have the dollars to buy in the hundreds, thousands and BEYOND!

While you CAN window shop and look at the fine art that is available on the big sites.

Why not try out the little guy like Cross Comics.

Talented artists appear on the SUNDAY NIGHT AUCTION and people can walk away with some nice art at a very affordable price.

Framing and hanging not included in the price.


Now lets get into the details.

I appeared on Cross Comics a couple of times.

Fun place to hang out and try to sell artwork.

But it goes MUCH deeper than that.

Selling artwork, a little bit at a time helps out the artist maintain a reasonable level of existence ( food / shelter / clothing / Spock ) while slaving over an art board, CREATING ENTERTAINMENT to “entertain” anyone who may come across them.


“Creating Entertainment.”


Interesting words associated to drawing comic books, is it not?

That’s what artists are doing all over the world.

Artist as in:


  • Actors ( when they are NOT pushing a message of something something ),
  • Illustrators ( like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like and like ),
  • Conmen (it does take talent to trick you into giving up money to a Nigerian Prince),
  • Theatre Performers ( they really don’t need your messily dollars but heck every bit helps ),
  • Dancers ( Flash Dance anyone? Eh? ),
  • Burglars ( the news would be boring without them ),
  • Street Performers ( why go to school when you can stand on the sidewalk in the rain and cold while signing or something ),
  • Magicians,
  • Sorcerers ( aren’t they really just douche magicians? ),
  • Evil Spirits ( who want to possess your un-impressive life and inject some FUN into it ).


The list is big! But their need is small.

They just want a moment of your attention to enjoy what they created, AND if you like it, chip in a few dollars to let them know it was worth the effort and to keep it up.


Now lets get into the underbelly.

When you see TERRIBLE art, like a couple of painted lines on a canvas sell for millions of dollars, it COULD be a money laundry operation.

Yes, yes. Money needs a good bath too. Think about it. Money is handled by millions of people. When a bill or coin lands in your hands, it has most likely been handled by a lot of people. And what are the odds that some of those people didn’t wash their hands when they finished with their bathroom business?

That’s right. Mind blown, eh?

You’re welcome.


Now lets get into the list of the most unspeakable things about art and art auctions.

The first thi-


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