‘SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch’ Creators Announce Talent Search Winner

Mark Poulton (Graveyard Shift, Savage Hawkman), Chase Poulton (Pizza Tree), and Clint Hilinski (Youngblood, Justice League) are pleased to announce artist, Dexter Weeks as the winner of their talent search. Dexter, an industry veteran for over 10 years, has worked for Disney, Image Comics, Action Lab and RavenDesk Games.


The contest was open to any artist who identified as a member of Comicsgate that had not had a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign in the past. Hopeful contestants submitted samples of their work between October 26th and November 7th on Twitter using #seadogcontest. As the winner, Dexter will draw the upcoming trading card set that is one of their campaign perks.


Dexter most recently had a pin up in Graveyard Shift Book I and has already completed the first cards. Here they are:




SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch is the brainchild of Graveyard Shift co-creator Mark Poulton, his son, Chase, and artist Clint Hilinski. The comic is a love letter to 90s’ comics.

The story unfolds after superhuman trackers led by the mysterious villain, Shikari, abduct an unregistered meta. The government strikeforce known as CODENAME: KILLSWITCH then try to enlist the aid of the world’s greatest hero, SEADOG, to aid in their search. The project launched November 1st and has already reached its funding goal.



Poulton has tapped his Graveyard Shift co-creator, Jon Malin, for a variant cover. Other perks include an ashcan preview of Volume 2, sketches, a SeaDog hockey jersey and the trading card set contest winner, Dexter Weeks, will now draw. Artwork for Dexter’s first two cards accompany this press release. The SeaDog and Codename: Killswitch campaign runs on Indiegogo until midnight December 31st, 2019 with an expected release date of August 2020.

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