Online Marketplace for Original Comic Art is Now Open

by Jamison Ashley
Comic Art Mall has launched an online marketplace for original comic art, comic books, and art prints. It is free to create an account, open a store, and list products for sale. Comic Art Mall facilitates the entire sale process, including online payments, order management, package tracking, messaging, and feedback. Users who have an eBay account can import their feedback rating into their Comic Art Mall account.

“Current online marketplaces are saturated with inaccurate and low-quality listings for original comic art and books because they were not built to accommodate collectors in that industry,” says founder Enoch Lee. “Comic Art Mall will be the first online marketplace tailored specifically for the comic art and comic book collector.”

Comic Art Mall charges a 4% selling fee. There are no monthly or listing fees, so stores only pay when an item sells. Selling fees are taken automatically when the customer makes a purchase, removing the extra step of monitoring and paying invoices. For a limited time, Comic Art Mall will waive the first 6 months of selling fees for new stores joining the marketplace.

Each listing is reviewed in order to maintain high quality and accurate search results. Listings are organized by publisher, series, artists, genre, characters, and other attributes. Customers can watch items, keep track of prices, and add stores to their favorites list. A fully integrated shopping cart allows customers to add items from multiple stores and calculate shipping and tax.

Each store in the marketplace has their own storefront and customized web address. Customers can search for items in a specific store or in the entire online mall. Stores have full control over refunds and returns. Stores have the option to list their own store policies for shipping and returns. As a result, stores have more control over how they deal with their customers. Anti-fraud measures are built into the ordering process. For online orders, stores have access to additional information containing indicators for fraud, so that they can decide how to proceed.

Create a free account and open a store at

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