How to Draw Comics Using the Vector Format

WAY OF THE ART by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.

If you so choose to invest an hour and a smidgen of your time…

LOOK UPON YOUR DESTINY before those bastiches blow it all up!

I just made two movie references in the LINK above. First person to correctly tell me on twitter the two movie references will be right!

So you have a question? Yes?

Why the VECTOR format?

Why not the soft moody colors and textures of a bitmap program like Photoshop and other similar Apps? The ONLY reasons I have for you is:

  1. Non-Destructive artwork.
    You can scale, adjust, edit and all sorts things to crazy to speak of in public! And your artwork will not loose the line quality.
    The same artwork that is used for a button, can be used for a poster that drapes the side of a tall building in Metropolis.
  2. See point one.

Any questions?

Oh yeah…

What APPS are available other than the big vector cheese that is ILLUSTRATOR?

Some options for you click here

A few more options to click here. 

That’s it.

“Fly, you fools!”

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