How to Choose a Video Production Studio

As you can see, the video production industry is full of a huge variety of companies and studios, which are all ready to take on the creation of absolutely any video. Some specialize in video advertising, some are involved in the creation of corporate films, and another studio is better at shooting music videos. Some work with graphics, animation or live video. Finally, there are hundreds of directors, producers, cameramen, sound designers and various specialists of any class that are available on the market. But more and more often studios are starting to offer a full range of video creation services. How to choose the best video production studio? And how not to get lost in such a variety of companies?

Here are some important tips to remember for the future:

So, you decided that you need a video. Try to answer a few questions:

· Which type of video do you need? An ad, corporate film, presentation, interactive video, infographics?

· What tasks should it solve?

· How do you envision it?

Answers to these questions will further help to navigate the choice of a video production studio. Now it’s time to start analyzing the market and step through the veil of endless offers. Be sure to create a convenient structure for further analysis – it can be done via Excel or just by using a pen with a notepad. The main thing is to feel comfortable.

1. Evaluate the company’s website – an adequately designed website does not yet guarantee a high level of professionalism, but it is still a rather good thing to keep an eye for.

2. Look at the description of a studio – understand how the company is positioning itself. What services does it provide? How does it work? What are its features?

Beware of “box offers.” If a studio offers to create a “Commercial for only $500” – this is a bad sign.

3. Study a studio’s portfolio in detail – this is the most important step in the choice of a video production studio. A portfolio is the face of the company and, at the same time, one of the main selection criteria. Carefully review their work. Evaluate the quality, style, shooting, animation, graphics, sound. is the standard bearer for the quality of services on the market.

4. Get back to the questions we’ve mentioned above. Now answer the new questions:

· Does the studio provide the services you need?

· Is it able to solve the tasks?

· How can a studio solve them?

5. Deselect studios that do not suit you. Consider everything – first impression, portfolio, services provided, experience, etc.

6. Contact a studio, request a brief, fill it in correctly and wait for a response.

7. Start a dialogue. After filling in a brief, a studio will offer you its own vision of a project, which you can be either satisfied with or not. Meet the representatives of a studio, chat with them. It is very important to understand the type of people that you are working with.

Given all the above tips, you can easily find the best video production studio and make a choice that seemed quite difficult.

How to communicate with your audience? The most important thing is to have a clearly defined goal. What do you want to achieve with this video? Sell, tell, entertain or even change people’s minds? Who should I contact for the desired result? How does one studio differ from another? To do this, you need to understand what the video production industry looks like today.

There are so-called production studios. They receive a project, attract third-party specialists to it and they have full control over a project. A producer must find a suitable art director, director, technical team. Thus, such a studio

becomes the core of an entire project, and effective coordination of all its elements becomes the key to success. A feature of such studios is a kind of impersonality – this is facilitated by the lack of recognizable tropes that an established team would have.

There are also highly specialized studios, which, as a rule, solve one or two tasks in the overall production cycle of a video. These can be animation studios, 3D graphics, sound, and others.

Do not forget about the freelancers. Top art directors, managers, animators, and designers are often independent outsourcing experts. Unfortunately, working with freelancers is a very controversial subject, because while working on a project, they are still outside the main workflow.

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