Got a Great Comic Story, But Don’t Know How to Draw…?

Words of caution by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.

Since you are on BLEEDING FOOL, I am going to assume you are already familiar with all sorts of comic book and movie knowledge. So I am just going to JUMP right into the meat and potatoes of the title.

You have a comic book story but you don’t know how to draw.

What in the pits of Mount Olympus do you do? WHAT!!???

Well option 1 is to find an artist that you can pay to translate your scribbles into pictures.

BUT, what kind of pictures are acceptable to you? STICK FIGURES is a lost art. But if you have a consistent presentation, they could convey a story to a reader. On the flip side you have the MacFarlane line armagedom, it tells a story too. So where do you sit on the fence? WHERE is the fence? Where are the artists that could possibly be willing to give you their time to listen to your pitch?

There are places like,, and
Depending on how much money you expect to spend, you could go conservative with your money and go to FIVERR or on the flip side, you could go liberal with your money and go to DIGITALWEBBING.

Either way, you HAVE to spend money, just like when you see that awesome pie in the store and you HAVE to have it, legally, without breaking into the store late at night, bypass the security system, get into the glass shielded counter, carefully lift the pie from its resting place, put it into a square shaped bag and exit the store unnoticed.

Be nice to the artist when you are negotiating the cost of the work. Remember an artist WANTs to draw, or else WHY would they be an artist. It’s like a Penguin WANTs to serve you your dinner in a restaurant, or else WHY would nature make them look like they are dressed for service?

Okay, that was OPTION 1.

Now OPTION 2 is something of a whopper to digest, and I don’t mean a hamburger with questionable ingredients.

You DON’T have money to spend. WHAT in the name of J.JONAH JAMESON do you do?? WHAT???

Well, do you have kids? You could trick them into drawing for you, with the reward of food, shelter or clothing. BUT, if the young frugal snappers are tough to negotiate, you could UP your game and offer them more PLAY time or give them their own car, which they can redeem when they are a ripe ol’ age of 35.

So you skipped the last paragraph, because you do not have kids for some reason or another, OTHER than you are too busy because you are flying around the universe being a superhero fulfilling a delivery for Space-Amazon.

Youtube is a good place to watch lesson videos. Spend some free time between sleeping, eating, working, showering to practice the art of making art.

BUT, what if you skipped over the paragraphs in option 2 because you are impatient. You WANT to get the comic book done NOW!

Well, its quite simple. Rush out the the local variety store and buy yourself paper and a writing instrument that leaves graphite on to the page or leaves ink of some kind onto the said page.

Now that you have paper and pen or pencil in hand, and are relaxed by a fire place, with a bottle of wine positioned beside a small table lamp at arms reach, start to draw.

You DON’T need to duplicate Michelangelo quality work, just draw. Start off with a circle for the head. Then draw a line below the circle. Cross the line near the top for arms and draw a capital “A” at the bottom of the line for legs.

There you go, you just advanced to caveman level. Repeat this a few times on the page. Get to know your character that you just created. How does your character FEEL or what is your character thinking? Don’t forget to take a sip of wine to get you loose and ready to draw some more.

Now, that you have gotten your self familiar with paper and pen… lets get familiar-err with some basic layouts.

Here is the GOOGLE search link for the WALLY WOOD PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK.…0.0..0.87.1036.13……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0i24.jdQTj42jclE

Study it’s simplicity and come back to this article in a couple of years to progress to the next paragraph.

I am assuming you took at least a year to youtube learn how to draw. THAT’s what I am going with and I am sticking to it.

What is your story? Do you know the narrative in your head? Or have you written it down?

Either way, take a moment or a scene out of your story and compose it on paper. DO NOT FEAR the quality of the lines on the page as you sip more of the wine. Just draw. Get this one scene done before you pass out. If you can get as many scenes done before you empty the bottle and then continue onto the next paragraph below.

Okay, so I am assuming you JUST woke up with a hangover, an empty wine bottle beside a broken lamp, a broken lego death-star in the fire place and lots of people you never seen before, on the floor sleeping around a game of Ouija Board Monopoly, for which ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE! Bwa-hahahahaha.


So look at your drawn pages. Does it seem what’s on the page familiar with what your story is? Is your art consistent from page to page? Is the empty bottle of wine at arms reach, just in case the people on the floor wake up possessed and ready to reign havoc upon the Earth?

If your answer is YES, YES, YES. Then get out of there, find yourself a safe space and continue to draw.

If your answer is YES, YES, NO. Then…!

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