Four Ways Comics Can Actually Improve One’s Creative Writing

Comics can enhance your creative writing in many ways. Read on to become aware of these aspects.


Even though comic books are in-demand nowadays, they weren’t so popular a decade ago. A plethora of parents and teachers think of comic books as a source of distraction that sometimes can have a detrimental impact on kids and their minds. The world is evolving these days rapidly. It also influences the comic book industry.


There are a variety of comics that certainly can overwhelm one. Costing three to five dollars, you get a full-fledged story, full of dialogues, images, and actions. Regardless of people’s thoughts regarding the adverse impact of comics, let’s have a closer look at ways comics can boost your writing abilities.



Comics Advance Your Creativity

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Marvel or DC Comics fan; your creativity develops through the comparison. Meaning you definitely can spot the difference between the comic book and movie that has an enormous influence on popular culture. Seeing what distinguishes the comics from the movie, you evolve your imagination and critical thinking. It is vitally important while writing papers. Besides, during the reading process, you are the only person who creates the general story, having just characters, conversations, and starting points of some events.


Compact Dialogues

You won’t find stretched, exuberantly long dialogues and speeches. Simply put, they reproduce the way people talk in real life (not in a lecture hall). Moreover, dialogues aim to boost the pace of writing. It is a beneficial feature when you write a paper and have a defined word count. Want to hook and persuade the reader to keep on reading your story? Comic books are definitely for you.


Comics Augment Your Vocabulary

Increasing your vocabulary, you are likely to make your creative writing more appealing and polished. Well, indeed, it doesn’t apply to papers regarding mathematics or economics. However, it isn’t important because you can always delegate this work to and speedily get your essay done.


Not all tasks require us to use creative language. But all the completed assignments must have an unprecedented syntax. And comics make sure you boost your grammar. Comic books are created with a unique approach toward visual characteristics, but they also have correct speeches. Meaning each and every sentence included in the text is thoughtfully constructed, proofread, and edited by native speakers. Try as you might, it is impossible to spot spelling or grammatical mistake in a book.


Plus, depending on comics, you are to experience the common language of the target audience you haven’t been familiar with. It might not be useful when writing essays, but it surely is when you have to give a speech or to socialize with colleagues.


Reading Habit

Indubitably, comics are not the only genre that makes you read systematically. If you prefer reading novels, you will find comics oversimplified. But you can’t deny the fact the young generation is obsessed with comic books. The short nature of stories and brief dialogues make people read quickly. It is exceptionally significant for those who work and don’t have time to read a full-fledged, 500-page novel. Because we all know, when you take long breaks between reading such a large book, you are likely to forget the details. Consequently, you have to reread a part of the book. It can take plenty of time.


In turn, comic books may well stimulate the reading because of the following arguments:

  • Ideas are picturized and easy to understand. It significantly helps in the elaboration of different concepts.
  • They are impressively cheap. You don’t have to buy expensive books just to read. Comics are the incorporation of the text and pictures so that you will easily be entertained.
  • A voluminous amount of research proved that comic books are a substantial advantage if one aspires to develop a reading habit.


These are essential things that comics develop in your writing. Deploying all of them, you are likely to write a completely different paper that will surprise your professor and yourself. Indeed, if you dig deeper, you will find way more features of comics and its impact on creative writing. Keep on reading comic books and make use of them in your academic and non-academic life.