Comic Crafters’ Corner: Alterna Comics’ Eden #3


Creator/Pencils – Eric Henson

 Inks – Michael Babinski 

Colorist – Benny Fuentes

Lettering – Robert Doan & Warren Montgomery

Haven’t picked up Eric Hensons’ EDEN? 

It’s a must read title from Alterna Comics. 

EDEN  is a great example and the perfect showcase,

to demonstrate the kind of talent coming from the publisher in 2018.

As you can see, Eric Henson has a beautifully unique style that is easily picked out from the rest.

There’s an incredible amount of thought and detail in every composition.

I have already pointed out in previous reviews, his quality and approach in regards to colour.

However, Eric has now chosen another artist for this task on issue #3.

With the spirit Eric is trying to bring out of this story for us,

I believe he’s found an even better match in a colorist – Benny Fuentes.

I was already a fan of Erics’ previous choice,but it seems he has the forever eye when it comes to bringing his work off the page for us.

Eric wants to provide the very best expression of his work,

and of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to provide the very best he can for our buck.

It really shines through in this issue.

This is another “Wow” Alterna Title.

I’m glad Benny came on board this project.

He really helps define the work at a different level. 

He shows respect to the spirit of what the previous artist was hoping to achieve with the work but it feels enhanced.

That’s what we have here with Benny Fuentes. Right? 

I hope Eric can feel some satisfaction because the books together are gorgeous.

I always get excited for a book when I see pencils that are so deliberate and measured.

Much more so when the colorists’ talent expresses it so vividly , so boldly.

I’ve not noticed so far, it’s been very subtle; but the panels in this title are become progressively darker.

There were a few small panels with some lengthier exposition that gave the letterers little choice but to find space for balloons, but aside from that,

I really like the way Robert Doan and Warren Montgomery have tried very hard to gives us everything we need while keeping out of the way as much as they can.

With such great sweeps of beautiful color, it is much appreciated.


Eric is a huge talent in regards to his pencil craft.

Combined with the way he’s written this epic,

he continuously tries to bring out the emotion and tension

that the our group of friends are driven and consumed by.

He does this by steadily building up to whatever climax awaits our friends,

with crisis after crisis. This keeps the plot pot boiling.

I must say that I’ve had a feeling of nervous excitement as I follow along this title.

This book brings a sense of foreboding with every issue.


I’ve thought about just how much of a twist that Eric would be spinning on the tail of his tale. By the end of this issue, I find an answer.

I’m not sure where this new revelation will bring us, but for the first time in the story;

we feel like we really have information that helps us understand how our heroes have found themselves in this struggle.

I was reminded (which I didn’t like) on the final panel that the next issue will be the final issue. I’m not really a fan of the word “Conclusion”. (It took me out of the story like whiplash) 

My only apprehension,  is that I hope that the final  “chapter” of Eden will not feel overwhelming and crammed. 

The tension and the points of crisis all along the story line are very riveting.

I just pray that it didn’t go on too long in this way and thereby leave Eric with little choice but to push too much material in 26 pages. 

I have no doubt that there are further chapters of Eden.

I don’t think anyone invests this much into their craft and their ideas to simply leave off at four books.

So I am confident that we will find more refined examples of Erics great work and ideas as we go along.

Eden is an adventure. Jump on.


COlOUR AND PENCIL INSERTS – Eric Hensons’ Twitter feed.

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