Creator Spotlight: Artist Brett Booth

Boy I haven’t done one of these in a long time!



Brett Booth is an artist whose work I’ve appreciated for quite a long time now. Every time I see it, I know I’m going to get something that looks great…at least that’s what I believe. For some reason, when I talk to people about books he’s worked on, from many of them I hear something along the lines of “I love the writing but wish Brett wasn’t drawing it” and I, for the life of me, cannot fathom a reason to why that would be.



His artwork is VERY good! It’s clean, but still puts enough details where it counts. He’s great at drawing action, he can draw multiple characters and you can tell them apart. He’s very good at designing new looks/outfits for characters. He has a great energy to his work. And when partnered with Norm Rapmond and Andrew Dalhouse, the three make a very amazing team.



So today, I’m going to showcase all of the books I own that Booth is credited to have drawn the interiors of (If I included just the covers I’d be here a lot longer) and explain why I like him so much. I hope I can convince a few of the Naysayers that his work is very good. Enjoy


Creator Spotlight: Brett Booth


Robert Willing

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