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We cover geek news in regards to movies, television, gaming, politics, and comic books via commentary, news, videos, and ranting. While poking a bit of fun at some of the more highly revered comic book websites, we’ve decided it’s time to respond to either their boring ‘unbiased’ reporting with something a bit more nuanced and interesting, or respond to their decidedly progressive liberal politics with opinions from the libertarian and closer to the right side of the aisle. Sometimes things may get a bit extreme, but we always welcome diversity of ideas here and anyone with a free Disqus account is welcome to push-back or sound-off in the comments sections (as long as they’re not a name-calling jerk).


Our mission is to be an alternative source for comic book news, reviews and all-things geek-culture as well as the farce, folly, and fiascoes surrounding them. This may even include pushing back against what we deem as creeping political propaganda, or calling-out cringe-worthy, virtue-signaling that is becoming more and more prevalent in the market and in the medium these days. Our team of contributors will frequently share blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts that we will recommend whenever we feel they do the best job of presenting geek-related views, news, and entertainment in an entertaining and/or informative way.



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Consider us all ‘fools’ in the tradition of Will Sommers, yet in the realm of geekdom. While we are often whimsical in our critiques, we are far closer to satirists than mere clowns. Shakespearean fools are usually clever peasants or commoners that use their wits to outdo people of higher social standing. If you’re unfamiliar with the tradition of royal fools, a study of Shakespeare might help.



The bottom line is we love comics – and geeks of all political persuasions. We’re just here to present ideas. We don’t want to hurt anyone and we certainly aren’t aiming to trigger a “social justice warrior” backlash, but we think it’s cool that people have different opinions and ideas. In the grand scheme of things we’re just a tiny little blog in the great world wide web, so if you start to feel “triggered,” or get upset when someone uses the term “SJW,” then we recommend that you to surf elsewhere.



With that in mind, we invite you to share and comment on any of the posts here so we can get a gauge of your feedback and also try to respond when it makes sense. You can email us at contact@bleedingfool.com with questions, suggestions, or submissions and please follow us on Twitter at @bleedingfool. In the meantime, enjoy our 100% pop-up free website while we do our part to try and make comic books, and all of geek media, great again!


~ Jamison Ashley, Captain of this Ship of Bleedin’ Fools


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